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Return of the “Clack” 

Watch my flow, here I go.

Get it? If you do, you’re old. Probably.

I’ve been doing some work on an indie game alongside a couple of local environment artists. This sort of circular, self-fulfilling project, is alien to me. The reward for the work is the work itself. My brain becomes highly suspicious of that kind of work.

In other words, something that tastes this good must be terrible for you.

While I’ve enjoyed doing work on a plethora of projects, I’m not sure my own enjoyment was ever great enough a morsel to sustain me on its own. At the same time however, this particular project benefits from a substantial lack of all things bureaucratic. So, perhaps, the energy I save from not having to constantly wrestle myself free from red tape allows me to sustain myself solely on my own enjoyment. 

That was an over abundance of food analogies in a short amount of time.

I must be hungry. 

C2E2 is this weekend. It is the first convention of this type to which I have attended since I was in middle school. There is an obvious difference this time as we approach the date. As I am now working in the entertainment field, a good portion of my excitement is taken up by professional aspiration, a stark difference from last time when the primary fuel behind my excitement was meeting Dwight Schultz.

I’ve not been giving this blog the love it deserves, but once I’m done moving my apartment, I will be posting several drafts I have on my dashboard.

Posting the hell right out of them.

Keep Calm.


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